Spa cup Swan

During the official launch of the spa season in 2016, all the finalists in the design competition showcased their cups at the exhibition at Vincentka Hall. The public had the opportunity not just to view the cups, but also to vote for the winner. The cup by author Daniel Piršč called “Swan” won the most favour. Daniel Piršč is an experienced Czech designer, and a renowned artist in his field.

The winning Swan cup debuted during celebrations of the Spring Opening during the launch of the main spa season in 2018.

“In our world, everything has long existed; it just seems to be hidden,” declared the author of the winning cup. This was explanation of where he got his ideas from when he came up with the design for his artwork.

The swan was also a great inspiration to architect Dušan Jurkovič. He used swan motifs on the sculptures at the main entrances to today’s Jurkovičův dům hotel.

In the 2019 season, we came up with a new Swan cup model, this time in black. As in nature black and white swans have much in common, so our spa cups are also similar to the swans. The author was inspired by the shape of their body and the swan’s long neck, which is usually slightly curved into an S-shape.

The Swan cup stands out for its fine compact line and its original bringing together of handle and drinking spout, to becomes the mouthpiece.

The authenticity and originality of our spa cups are guaranteed by the author’s logo on the bottom.

In the 2022 season, our swan family added a third member – the Swan with titanium surface in incredible blue. The titanium is, of course, harmless.

Water and the colour blue together create the perfect harmony, and our healing waters really go well with this cup.