Spa Luhačovice

The Spa Luhačovice has a long tradition of more than 300 years. It is the largest spa in Moravia and one of the most beautiful spas in the Czech Republic.

The Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič gave to Luhačovice its unique look. Spa hotel Jurkovičův dům is a wonderful example of his art. Numerous hotels and villas, the colonnade and large park complement the atmosphere of the city.

Unique natural healing mineral springs rank Luhačovice among the top European spas treating the diseases of the respiratory tract. Choose the company Spa Luhačovice for your stay at the spa. We are the number one in Luhačovice! We take care about the most famous mineral spring Vincentka and 9 other springs.

Luhačovice inspired the musical composer Leoš Janáček who regularly stayed and composed here. Our company organizes the Festival Janáček and Luhačovice each year. The festival belongs to the most prestigious musical events in the Czech Republic.

Luhačovice is the right place for your recreation and active relax. The city offers many cultural and sporting opportunities.

Let yourselves get impresses by the picturesque and diverse Luhačovice. Treat yourselves to a holiday full of experiences that you never forget.

Come and find out Luhačovice yourselves...

 Revitalization of the spa Colonnade