Spa park

Historical and artistically valuable buildings and green spaces all around complete the uniqueness of Luhačovice. The spa park underwent a huge renovation in 2014 and today it contributes to the unique beauty of the spa Luhačovice. The whole revitalized area is a part of the urban conservation area and is the property of the company Spa Luhačovice.

1. Alley Šťávnice

Newly planted maples with globular crowns grow in the alley along the river Šťávnice. This beautiful natural promenade connects the city centre with the Spa Square and the northern parts of the natural park.

2. Surroundings of the spring of Dr. Šťastný

Blossoming deciduous trees and groups of deciduous and coniferous shrubs were planted on the lawns around the spring of Dr. Šťastný in the southern part of the spa park.

3. Rosarium

Rosarium of bush and decorative roses covers the hillside next to the Inhalatorium.  

4. Natural colonnade

The red-leaf beech alley follows the spa colonnade. It connects the promenade from the chapel towards the river Šťávnice.

5. Surroundings of the spring Ottovka

Blossoming magnolias, red leaf overhanging beech trees and columnar oaks adorns the access to the spring Ottovka in the direction from the river Šťávnice. The access staircase and hillsides are covered with procumbent yews, cotoneasters and flowering cinquefoils. Beds of Catmints and blooming rhododendrons scent the space around the pavilion.

6. A piece of Alpine nature

Ornamental varieties of fruit trees grow on the grassy grounds around the villas Alpská růže and Vila pod lipami. Planted heath plants, Arolla pines and mountain spruces underline the Alpine architecture. Surroundings of both buildings is planted with groups of procumbent yews, blooming rhododendrons, viburnums and shrub roses.

7. Ornamental beds

A large grassy parterre in front of the hotel Jurkovičův dům contains ornamental beds. Colourful flower patterns complement the unique architectural style of the building.

8. Surroundings of the spring New Jubilee

The pavilion at the spring New Jubilee was built in September 2013. It has a circular shape and is surrounded by evergreen rhododendrons. The space is completed with a 14 meters long wooden bench that connects the pavilion with the villa Alpská růže. Special wood from Nordic spruce was used for its production.

9. Spa Square

The cut hornbeam hedgerow dominates the area in front of the Social House. The line of annual plant beds with a group of columnar oaks and poplar trees complement the space there. The whole natural composition harmonises perfectly with the functionalist architecture of the building.

10. Flowering River

Beds of roses and lavender flowers bloom on the bridged area of the Spa Square. Flowers symbolize the river that rises to the surface. Bands of blooming shrubs and perennials suggest also the flowing water and spill along the paths to the surrounding grassy areas.

11. Perimeter skirt

Plantation of the root level of mixed and coniferous groups.

12. Surroundings of the Brussels Fountain

Waving groups of bushes liven the area around the Brussels Fountain in front of the hotel Dům B. Smetany up, followed by the well-tended lawn and the pair of columnar oak.

13. Nature Landscape Park

Birch and larch alley leads through the northwest part of the park, dominated by distinctive color solitaires and tree groups. Ornamental blooming bushes grow on grassy hillsides.

14. Playground

There are globular maples around the playground. A meadow with beautiful overhanging beeches follows the alley.

15. Japanese garden

The Japanese Garden is a unique place for new tree species. Different types of shrub and tree maples and cryptomerias adorn the garden. They also help to separate the space from near busy road. Bamboo beds and ornamental grasses border the lawn areas. The character of the Japanese garden is enhanced by ornamental trees. The most notable of these is the prehistoric Gingko Biloba. It looks like a deciduous tree at the first glance, but it belongs to the conifers.

16. Surroundings of the Sun Spa

Dark yews, viburnums and rhododendrons were planted in front of the Sun Spa. Blossoming cherries complete whole area. The steep slope at the Central Spa is strengthened with greenery. It is lined with bush roses and creates a representative access to the building.