Luhačovice - cultural and social centre of Southeast Moravia. The spa season starts with springs opening ceremony on the first weekend in May.

Luhačovice has a rich social and cultural life. The famous music composer Leoš Janáček visited Luhačovice for twenty-five times and contributed to the fame of the city. Czech violin virtuoso Václav Hudeček belongs to the faithful visitors of Luhačovice, organizing there courses for young violinists each year.

Theatres in big cities are going to finish their peak season in June and they are going to prepare for holidays. At the same month the spa theatre opens its season. Leading Czech and foreign artists participate on its repertoire. Renowned theatre ensembles and actors, famous singing divas, solo singers and different orchestras perform on the stage of the Spa Theatre.

Prestigious music Festival Janáček and Luhačovice and Festival Theatre Luhačovice belong to the traditional city culture every year. We are preparing a special stay with spa procedures and permanent ticket to festivals of the cultural summer of Luhačovice for all music and theatre lovers.

Various programs at the spa hotels enrich the social activities in Luhačovice and make the stay of our guests in the spa more varied. The renowned nightclub at the Alexandria Hotel, extraordinary for its atmosphere of the First Republic, is worthy of visiting. Intimate spaces offer regular music and dance evenings.

Accept our invitation, experience your health symphony, visit your favourite places and enjoy the beauty of Luhačovice...

Other possibilities of cultural activities


The spa park in Luhačovice invites you to relax and walk through the pleasant environment. In the summer, live music of the Colonnade concerts of different genres from the stage of Společenský dům will accompany your activities in the park. The culmination of the Colonnade concerts is the concert of Music of the Castle Guard and the Police of the Czech Republic. Try a good coffee and home-made dessert at the spa confectioner´s. Do not forget to take a spa cup with you to fill it with healing mineral waters during your walking. In June during the Carving Symposium – Beauty hidden in the wood you can have a look at the handcrafts of the woodcarvers and watch the change of the wood into a work of art day by day. The grassy areas of the spa park are made for a true picnic. The spa park is a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos or the wedding ceremony itself.



A spa colonnade full of historic costumes and original fashion accessories – also this is a part of the rich culture of Luhačovice. Calma, the beautification club of Luhačovice, was named after a singer and writer, Marie Calma Veselá, the wife of the spa director F. Veselý. She organized many cultural events and exhibition in Luhačovice at the beginning of the 20th century. Enjoy a hat day or a show of historical costumes each September with Calma.
The club Calma is also the author of the untraditional idea of the PATH OF NESTING BOXES. It was opened in 2013 and is constantly growing. Through the path you will see different feeders and nesting boxes designed by various architects, amateur enthusiasts or pupils of local schools.


The Museum of the Luhačovice Woodland is to be found at the Municipal House of Culture called Elektra. Permanent exhibition with the name The Known and Unknown Luhačovice present the lifestyle of Luhačovice. The exhibition combines three views of Luhačovice at the beginning of the 20th century. It represents the city as a centre of the traditional ethnographic region called Luhačovice Woodland. At the same time it presents the city as a place with healing waters and developing spa. Last but not least, it describes Luhačovice as a specific urban part that grew up between villages and the spa. Other short-term exhibitions and accompanying programs complement the exhibition.


Gallery of the Municipal House of Culture named Elektra exhibits works of regional visual artists and significant designers from Moravia and Slovakia throughout the year. During the year, it organizes small exhibitions. Local schools use it occasionally to present their pupils' works of art.


The Art Gallery of Luhačovice is located next to the Vincentka Hall. Here you can buy and see an original works of art created by contemporary authors. It is open every day and all the year.


The Castle Gallery is an adjacent building of the baroque castle. The Count Wolfgang Serenyi was built it during years 1730 to 1739. The Castle Gallery runs an antique store and a small literary café with fine coffee and French wines. It opens only on Saturdays after a phone call agreement.


The cinema of Luhačovice is located in the municipal house of culture called Elektra. The cinema has a capacity of 251 seats and regular film projections take place there. The cinema is fully digitised and the entire system meets the "DCI" standard, i.e. the Digital Cinema Initiative. The cinema is wheelchair accessible.