Balneo-facility of a new generation

We try to make our treatment procedures as well as the whole stay in the spa as pleasant as possible. Thus we adapted our balneo-facility at the children´s hospital Miramonti to our small patients.

The modern spa area with carbonated baths has the look of a water world. The waiting room reminds you of the sea level and the ship's deck with cabin doors – treatment cabins. The bathtubs look like boats. Small children will enjoy also transparent bubbling water barrels with swimming plastic fishes inside, the television and a lot of toys. All this helps the kids to distract the attention from the treatment procedure. We brought the mineral water to Miramonti hospital for the drinking cure as well.

The balneo-facility of a new generation has impressed not only children but also European experts. The company Spa Luhačovice won a prestigious certificate in the competition ESPA Innovation Awards 2016 for the best European innovation in the healing spa industry. Thus it became the first company in the Czech Republic that won this prestigious award.