Sample treatment program / 7 nights

Sample week treatment program container characteristic and usually prescribed spa procedures. The treatment program includes 18 spa procedures each week except Sundays.

Respiratory tract

  • 1x entry medical examination
  • 6x inhalation of mineral healing water (individual)
  • 3x whirlpool bath with an ingredient
  • 1x massage of the chest
  • 3x breathing rehabilitation (individual)
  • 2x alternating foot bath
  • 3x therapeutic exercise (group)
  • Daily drinking cure of mineral waters of Luhačovice

The individual treatment program with concrete procedures is built up by the physician based on the entry medical examination.

Effect of the spa treatment:

Regeneration of damaged mucous membranes, facilitation of expectoration and clearing of the airways, improvement of lung ventilation, adjustment of breathing stereotype, enhancement of the resistance to infections, increase of physical fitness, psychic relaxation.