Spa hotels and villas


  • The biggest Spa hotel in Luhačovice
  • All services under one roof

Jurkovičův dům****

  • Spa hotel in the Folk Art Nouveau style
  • Listed building with the soul of tradition
  • Comfortable rooms with the charm of ancient times
  • All services under one roof

Hotel Jurkovičův dům is located at the most beautiful part of Luhačovice. This unique architectural masterpiece of the Folk Art Nouveau style is situated in a picturesque park in the spa center near to the colonnade. The hotel offers you all the comfort and nice relaxation.



  • Comfortable accommodation and superior services
  • Unique spa in the style of ancient Roman baths
  • Gourmet gastronomy at the famous French restaurant
  • Night club with the atmosphere of the 30s of the last century

Luxury ALEXANDRIA **** Spa & Wellness Hotel is a combination of tradition and modern architecture. After its reconstruction, the original (historical) building didn’t lose anything of the style and atmosphere of the 30s of the last century. The new part of the hotel represents the current generation of the most modern spas. Its facilities bring back the time of Alexander the Great. Both faces of the spa complex complement each other. Also the two-floor wellness centre carries the same old Roman décor. Both wellness floors are connected with a panoramic elevator. A swimming pool with two golden glowing suns on the bottom dominates the beautiful wellness area.


Dům B. Smetany****

  • Comfortable spa hotel for your treatment or holiday
  • Located in a quiet spa centre
  • All-day boarding at the hotel

The Hotel Dům B. Smetany is an impressive building built in Art Nouveau style. In front of the hotel, there is a beautiful Brussels fountain.


Alpská růže

  • Luxury suite accommodation with a view of the park
  • Stylish interior
  • Self-cooking possible
  • Recommended for stays with children

This historical building is characteristic example of the architecture named Alpine style that was the leader in the architectural styles in the second half of the 19th century in Luhačovice. Today it offers luxury accommodation at the level of a four-star hotel. Studios and suites are equipped with replicas of period furniture and have a small kitchen.



  • Representative Villa in folk art nouveau style architect D. Jurkovič
  • Luxury accommodation in suites
  • Procedures and boarding at the hotel Jurkovičův dům

Romantic villa "Chaloupka" was built in 1902. Current look of the villa is a result of complex reconstruction during 1995 – 1997. Both exterior and interior corresponds to the original architectural intention of Dušan Jurkovič.