Spine rehabilitation 2020

Intensive rehabilitation with specialized programme at the hotel Palace****

  • 7x accommodation with full board
  • 1x entry medical examination
  • active and passive therapy (6x main, 3x individual rehabilitation and 12x minor procedure)
  • daily drinking cure of local mineral waters

Sample programme – active therapy:

  • 2x individual therapeutic exercise (20 min.)
  • 3x group therapeutic exercise (30 min.)
  • 1x individual training of Nordic Walking (basic instructions and techniques, 30 min.)
  • rental of Nordic Walking poles for free

Sample programme – passive therapy:

  • 1x reflexology massage (20 min.)
  • 3x classic massage (partial, 15 min.)
  • 1x underwater massage (automatic, 15 min.)
  • 1x natural carbonic bath (15 min.)
  • 2x natural carbonic bath (15 min.) with peat or Solfatan
  • 1x effervescent bath (15 min.)
  • 2x peat poultice on the back (20 min.)
  • 4x spa procedure as prescribed by the physician (galvanic bath, two-chambered/four-chambered bath, ultrasound, paraffin wrap, whirlpool bath for lower/upper limbs, alternating bath, Scottish shower)

Based on your entry examination, the physician will confirm recommended procedures as per the sample programme or will change them.

We guarantee the use of natural healing mineral waters during our spa procedures.


Price list – Spine rehabilitation 2020 / 7 nights

  • Prices are in EUR for one person and the stay; the price is valid if the room/suite is fully occupied only
  •   Single room /    Double room /      Suite
  • Prices don't include the spa fee
  • Shorter stay not possible
  • Price and service change reserved

Hotel Category Winter season
from 2.1.2020
to 22.2.2020
from 22.11.2020
to 20.12.2020
Low season
from 23.2.2020
to 18.4.2020
from 4.10.2020
to 21.11.2020
High season
from 19.4.2020
to 3.10.2020
Palace**** Komfort A 666,40 EUR 723,80 EUR 761,60 EUR Booking
Komfort A 747,60 EUR 830,20 EUR 882,00 EUR Booking
Komfort A Plus 680,40 EUR 743,40 EUR 784,00 EUR Booking
Komfort A Plus 756,00 EUR 841,40 EUR 896,00 EUR Booking
Superior 674,80 EUR 736,40 EUR 775,60 EUR Booking
Superior Plus 690,20 EUR 756,00 EUR 798,00 EUR Booking
Suite 770,00 EUR 858,20 EUR 915,60 EUR Booking
Suite 709,80 EUR 782,60 EUR 827,40 EUR Booking

Prolongation of the stay

In case you want to prolong your stay, you will pay the same amount for each additional night as the original price for one night of your stay was in the correspondent season and chosen room (the price of the stay is divided by the number of nights, i.e. 7).

Each following 1 night:

  • 1x accommodation with full board
  • 3x spa procedures except Sundays – 1x large and 2x small spa procedure as prescribed by the physician
  • drinking cure of local mineral waters

Each following 7 nights:

  • 1x control medial examination


1, 3 or 4 nights
14 = 13
21 = 18
28 = 24

Order our Spine rehabilitation, have 14, 21 or 28 nights and get 1, 3, or 4 nights for free.


SINGLE ROOM AT NO EXTRA CHARGE Single room at no extra charge if you order the stay for 21 nights or more.


Special offer for the Spine rehabilitation stay is valid during whole year and cannot be combined with other special offers.

Boarding included in the price of the stay

  • Price of the stay includes full board (breakfast, lunch and diner)
  • We provide buffet breakfast; lunch and dinner are served. You choose from 7 different menus 2 days in advance. Rich salad bar is a part of each lunch and dinner.