Spa cup Nectarium

Exclusive cup of the company Spa Luhačovice, a. s.

Drinking of natural mineral waters is fundamental for the treatment of certain diseases in Luhačovice. Our original spa cup Nectarium will help you to gain the health from the healing springs.

The company Spa Luhačovice, a. s., as a modern corporation with a long tradition and guarantor of the spa treatment in Luhačovice, initiated a design competition with the aim to create a unique spa cup.

Design competition

The design competition generated big interest from a number of experienced and also young authors. They participated with more than 150 proposals of high artistic level at the competition, from traditional ones to new and innovative progressive forms. Originality and innovation were the main criteria of the competition. The cup Nectarium met the best all competition requirements. It has a shape of a meadow flower and was designed by a novice designer Adela Chora. The spa cup belongs among the first great artistic realizations of the author.


Nectarium is the part of the flower from where the nectar gets to the flower surface. In case of the spa cup it is equally valid mineral water. The cup has a simple shape but is playful and original. It has a straw in the middle that looks like a flower pistil. The cup shape is pure and comfortable to hold.

The recommended dose 200 ml of the mineral water marks a thin line under the décor on the inner side of the cup. Mineral waters should be drunk on an empty stomach, the best in the morning before breakfast and in the afternoon before dinner. Recommended daily dose is 400 ml of mineral water, i.e. 200 ml in the morning and the same quantity in the afternoon.

Each cup is an original and is made of high quality porcelain. Cup Nectarium in pure white colour bears the name Pure Line.

Nectarium in new colours

New colour variants now complement the white line of our spa cups.

Cups of the first Colour Line got inspired by the life-giving water. They have a soothing pale blue colour that reminds you of calm water surface.

Exclusive Décor Line offers two variants of the cup. We used colourless and cobalt blue glaze with fine golden decorations on the cup surfaces.

Each of our cups carries a piece of art and the patient work of human hands. The production of the cobalt blue cups of the Décor line is the most challenging. First the body of the cup is prepared from white porcelain and fired at 980o C. For a really short moment a colourless glaze is poured into each cup so it adheres to the surface in a very thin coating. Nectarium is then dipped in a cobalt glaze and fired again, this time at 1380° C. The cups are finally decorated with matte gold by hand and once again fired.

To make our cups Decor Line to preserve their beauty, please wash them only by hand.

Production of the cups

The manufacturer of the Nectarium cups is the company Queens Crown settled in a city Chodov near Karlovy Vary. The company follows the tradition of porcelain production since 1883. The family manufactory maintains a unique position on the market. They produce historical replicas; their products are traditionally handmade and only raw materials of Czech origin are used for the production. The major part of their products is exported into whole world. Jordanian Crown Princess or the president of Kazakhstan, among others, owns the most expensive hand-decorated products of Queens Crown manufactory.

A nice gift from the spa

Our spa cup Nectarium can be a nice gift from our spa for your loved ones. You can buy it only in facilities of the company Spa Luhačovice – at the reception of the hotel Alexandria, Jurkovičův dům, Dům B. Smetany, Jestřábí, Palace, Morava and Společenský dům. They are also sold at our confectionery shop at the spa colonnade near the hall Vincentka or at our travel agency Luhanka.

All cups are packed into transparent boxes. The cups can be freely combined into gift packs of two pieces.

Our guests can buy gift packs of Nectarium cups for a special price.